Things Tourism Specialists Need to Know in 2019

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In 2018 we saw international outbound trips growing by six percent worldwide, particularly in Asia and South America. As we enter 2019 many in the tourism industry are looking to continue the momentum built up the previous year.

The good news is that the outlook is positive and 2019 looks to continue to a year of growth for the global tourism industry. However, for those looking to take part in that growth you’re going to need to know what trends to expect and look out for this coming year.

Here are the things tourisms specialists need to know in 2019.

The Asian Market will Continue to Grow

Expect more tourists going to and from Asia in 2019.

According to a report by the CSLA, Chinese tourists are expected to spend $429 billion on travel, with other Asian countries such as Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Philippines closely following.

At the same time Asia has also recorded a record a growth of eight percent in visitors as more and more travelers choosing countries as India and Indonesia as their preferred holiday destinations.

The Exploring Traveller

Travelers, especially young adults, are showing an increased interest in exploring their destinations. From choosing to tour remote locations such as the Polar regions, to recreating the treks and journeys of famous explorers.

In 2019 tourism specialists would do well to keep in mind that travelers are often viewing holidays as an opportunity to be active and explore different cultures, as opposed to being a place of relaxation. Look forward to seeing a rise in tours and activities designed to tickle that adventurous mindset.

Be Instagram-worthy

Instagram will continue to be a big player for the tourism marker with over with over 500 million daily active users currently on the social media platform.

As more and more people continue to post their personal and travel photos onto Instagram, tourism specialists are more relying more than ever on the power of user-generated content. According to a report by MissTravel, a whopping 48% of people claim that they rely on Instagram to inspire their next getaway.

Watch as popular hotspots begin offering “Instagram tours” for tourists and the boom of the vacation photography industry like the case of Flytographer, all for the travelers who want that perfect picture.

Create a Personal Experience

As we enter the age of the customer, almost all tourism and hospitality experts agree that being able to provide a fulfilling customer experience will by the key to differentiating themselves from the competition.

In answer to this there has been an uptick in partnerships between major hotels and luxury brands such as Hermes, as hoteliers seek to provide better experiences for their customers. In addition to this, many hotels have also begun taking advantage of artificial intelligence and chatbots to help them manage customer interactions and even some concierge services.

Personal Fulfillment is the New Travel Goal

Continuing on the trend of travelers seeking more personalized and active holidays, it’s only natural that the modern traveler is also seeking a meaningful one too.

In response to this we’ve seen companies such as Vacation With an Artist, a service that offers mini-apprenticeships with local artists around the world, pop up. As well as the volunteer tourism continuing to be a top travel trend around the world.

For tourism specialists this means being able to create strategic opportunities where travelers are provided experiences where they’re able to feel a sense of accomplishment, as well as being able to develop a connection with the local culture. 

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