We are Darke Creative

Why do we show up to work every day?

To be simple we are creative people looking for fun and interesting work.

Expressing ourselves through our work brings us joy and we hope this rubs off on our clients.

The agency has been built on community engagement and honest and truthful relationships with our clients.

These client relationships and expectations have evolved over the years and our agency is often seen as as a strategic partner as opposed to the traditional service provider. Darke Creative adds value to our clients, not just through design and development but through expertise, innovation and people.

Our Values

Family / Friends / Philanthropy

Risk / Innovation / Progress

Attention / Quality / Pride

Accountability / Stewardship / Integrity

Freedom / Fun / Memories

Our Team

Aaron Darke

Strategy Director

Erica Darke

Accounts Director

Craig Teal

Creative Director

Lou Friedman

UI/UX and Website Developer

Rachelle Sinner


Lara Miller

Public Relations / Media Relations

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