[Infographic] Five Marketing Strategies that Support Your Nonprofit

Are you struggling to get the word out about your nonprofit organization? Even the most deserving of nonprofits have difficulty capturing the attention of consumers. By following a few selected marketing strategies, you can boost your bottom line and keep your nonprofit running. Make the most out of your available funds with targeted nonprofit marketing strategies. 

#1 Take Advantage of the Google Ad Grant’s Program 

Too many nonprofits don’t know that Google Ads has a robust grants program for nonprofit organizations. You can get up to $10,000 a month to spend on the Google Ads Network. There are restrictions on your spending, including a maximum bid for keywords so you cannot compete on some of the most competitive search terms. Nonprofits also qualify for discounted prices on other platforms so don’t be afraid to ask!

#2 Add a “Donate Now” Button to Your Facebook

When you visit the Facebook pages of most businesses, you see buttons like “Call Now” or “Contact Us.” Nonprofits have the unique option of adding a “Donate Now” button to their business pages. After following a quick series of steps, like verification of your page and proving your 501(c)(3), this button can be added to your page. In the age of distraction, a quick button truly boosts your bottom line. 

#3 Market Your Content with Actual Testimonials 

One of the most valuable aspects of running a nonprofit is the ability to impact the world. Harness the power of these stories in your marketing efforts, specifically via video and photos. It has never been easier to shoot a quick, high-quality video with resources available at your fingertips.

Many for-profit companies search high and low for satisfied customers with distinct stories but nonprofits generally are full of stories from people impacted by the mission. No matter what your mission or cause, the testimonials of people impacted by your efforts are invaluable. Videos and personal stories can be collected easily and be used in campaigns of all types. 

#4 Spend Money on Social Media Advertising

Marketing is all about meeting people where they are, catching their attention, and driving them to take an action. For your nonprofit, that action would be to donate, volunteer, or learn more about your efforts. A small budget should be set aside for social media advertising because of this principle. Meeting people where they are means meeting them on social media! This will cost money but as far as customer acquisition costs, social media has some of the lowest numbers out there. Compared with traditional advertising, the cost of $5 a day isn’t too high!

#5 Stay in Touch with Your Donors Via Email

Have you acquired a large list of donor email addresses? If you aren’t using these email addresses to stay in touch you are missing out. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates an average of $40 in revenue. All too often, nonprofits only reach out to their donors when they need more funding. Keep your donors involved by sending regular email updates about the organization, telling them about new initiatives, and thanking them for their support. Even a quarterly newsletter can keep your brand in the forefront of people’s minds. Email marketing is another example of meeting the consumer where he or she happens to be – by delivering yourself right into their inbox. 

Overcome the challenges of marketing for your nonprofit with the Darke Marketing team. Our strategy-driven, focused marketing efforts can be specialized for your nonprofit. We are familiar with the challenges you face in nonprofit funding, grant acquisition, and growth. Let us focus on your marketing efforts while you change the world with your efforts. 

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